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This Is Africa. African Urban Radio and more.

The Foundation

This Is Africa, founded from the Netherlands in 2005, as a foundation is in kind supported by the Dutch Public Broadcasters (NPO) and funded by mostly local donors.

There are local connections in marketing and operations with FunX and 3FM.

The foundation’s ambition is to support the African Media organization, in:

  • Distribution, the roll out of the Ghetto Radio format into 4 different African cities
  • Marketing, the international promotion of This Is Africa’s ambition, artists and music and all conscious topics addressed, via a Ghetto focused website, events and all kind of other marketing tools.

Ghetto Radio Africa

The current radio station in Nairobi has been broadcasting from February 1st 2008, just after the post election violence. Ghetto Radio has been credited for its constructive and stabilizing efforts in these days of turmoil.


Ghetto Radio is a 24/7 urban music radio format, aiming at youngsters (15-30) from the various informal settlements of Nairobi, on a broadcasting reach of 6 million people. Ghetto Radio aims to connect people from different Nairobi ghetto’s via music and culture, meanwhile even pitching for the upper-class youngsters in town. The Ghetto Radio format combines mainstream (American) styles with African and Kenyan underground topics and music. Resulting in a conscious radio format, still very light to consume. In this format Ghetto Radio aims to target the masses of Nairobi, where all other media target the commercial upper class.

Ghetto Radio does live reports from all streets of Nairobi and is the first station to officially use local languages (Sheng) combined with English. Furthermore Ghetto Radio programs the most local artists and always reveals news as from the perspective of the streets.


Since the station has only been broadcasting from February 1st, official research results are first to be expected end of October. Still Ghetto Radio has been nominated for the most prestigious media awards three times, including best Kenyan radio station.

The radio station is widely played in public transport and will definitely enter the major league of existing commercial station very soon.

Ghetto Radio Limited Nairobi has a local management, aiming to construct a self-supportive business and media organization by end of 2010.

The management has a strict distinction between programming and business and is lead by young talented media entrepreneurs. A team of around 40 presenters, reporters, producers and marketers keep the station up and running.

Conscious Radio

Ghetto Radio has a rooted heart for social problems (and opportunities!) in the streets of Nairobi. On daily basis topics are raised about social dilemmas coming forth from the existence of slums and other informal settlements.

Issues are addressed in a 100% political and religious objective and neutral way.

Reporters are to question the streets and official sources always on an issue.

Ghetto Radio has an official program focused on emancipating girls in social and commercial life. The Ghetto Radio staff is dominantly female (also senior functions) and Ghetto Radio hosts a women’s empowerment show every Sunday.

Recently Ghetto Radio made big headlines supporting the women of the Mathare IDP camp with sanitary towels and inviting some of the affected women in the show.

Serious Request Nairobi

In close operation with 3FM and its partners Ghetto Radio plans to have a Glass House and a Serious Request fund raising campaign for five years in a row already. The unique opportunity of having some extra attention for social issues in Kenya and all over Africa has made us realize that Nairobi could and should be part of the problem AND solution.

The operation will be secured via a Dutch / Kenyan partnership in organization, marketing and communications. Daily program exchanges between Nairobi and Breda (and the other cities) can contribute to a beneficial awareness and donation level.